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About Me

One of the leading Cosmetologists, with over a decade of experience specializing in Facial Rejuvenation, her services are sought out by clients for non-surgical aesthetic skin and hair treatments. Her artistic ability to enhance facial harmony and preserve youthful contours has earned her notable respect among her patients. She is trusted by her clients for her precision and meticulously follow-through.

She is highly regarded for her experience in delivering natural-looking results, drawing from her sense of artistic appreciation and commitment to patient care.

Dr. Amitha’s professional achievements include speaking as a guest at numerous conferences, talk shows, and her regular appearances on local TV channels as an expert in the field of cosmetic medicine. 

My Approach

QUALITY- The core mission of my practice is to provide the highest quality level of care for all of my patients. I strive to maintain this quality in all aspects of each patient’s experience — from the initial inquiry, the consultation, treatment, and follow-up.

HONESTY – I feel that setting clear and honest expectations is vital to the satisfaction of my clients. I will therefore never over-promise and instead try to provide an accurate and realistic assessment of projected improvements from my services. Each patient’s needs are approached with respect, discretion, and honesty.

SAFETY – I am committed to helping patients look their best through safe and effective treatments. The ultimate goal is for my patients to achieve improvements and enhancements so that they are happier and feel better about themselves. I will not recommend procedures to any individual for whom I feel cannot reach this goal. To me and my staff, the practice is more than just treatments — it is about relationships that enrich the lives of both the doctor and patient alike.

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