This is an all-natural 5 days program conducted online, which starts every Monday and the best part is that you can join from any part of the world!

Over the 5 days of the program, there will be:

 One detailed consultation before we begin, to understand your skin type, concerns, and needs.

✓ A powerful morning routine to set the stage for healthy glowing skin for the coming days.

✓ Customized skincare routine to achieve radiant and youthful skin which will be homemade curated for your skin type.

✓ Advice for skin maintenance.

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5 days Clear Skin Masterclass
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is this different from any other face yoga programs online?

This is a skincare program conducted by a doctor. The doctor will have a detailed video consultation with each participant to understand the skin type, skin concerns, medical history, etc. This is completely doctor-led. So, you are in absolutely safe hands. Each daily routine is customized for every individual participant. The face exercises do not merely face yoga. These have been tested and designed by the doctor who understands your facial anatomy and physiology to actually work on your facial muscles, fat pads, skin, and every other component of your face.

  •  Is this program only for females?

This program is for both male and female participants. We customize the program for every skin type.

  • How old should the participant be to be eligible for the program?

We use all-natural ingredients, it’s absolutely safe for anyone to use. But our specially designed facial exercises work on all structures of your face. Due to the natural growth occurring till about 18 years of age, we advise our participants to be above 18 years of age.

  • Can I undergo the program if I’m under skin treatments?

Absolutely, the program will in no way interfere with your current treatment. It will in fact enhance the efficacy of your treatment as the doctor will plan your program to help improve your skin from within.

  • Can I participate if I have any medical issues or if I’m not on any medication?

This program is designed to improve your skin health in a holistic completely natural manner. It will not hinder any treatment you are under or interfere with any medication you are taking (all chances that your immunity increases with the natural elements that are introduced into your system).

  • Will I need to purchase any skincare products for the program?

You will not need to buy any skincare products. Everything used is absolutely natural.

  • Will I see immediate results?

Any skincare or hair care product takes 6-8 weeks to start showing you promising results. Since we are making use of natural ingredients, you will start noticing positive changes along with the program, but you need to be consistent and use everything that is taught in these 7 days for the next few weeks, to see considerable changes in your face.

  • Will I have side effects?

The doctor will have a detailed consultation with you taking into account, your medical and previous history, skin type, skin concerns, allergies, etc. before your program is planned and customized for your particular skin type.

  • What if I cannot continue with the program?

We will be sending you day to day schedule to follow. You can do these at your convenience. There is no hard and fast rule that you complete it in 7 days itself. We encourage you to use these even going further to see the best benefits of the skincare program designed especially for you.

  • Will I see results for my acne, scars, and pigmentation?

When practiced consistently, this program is designed to address every skincare concern of yours. Not just your skin but your whole face, inside out.

  • Do you have a refund policy?

We do not have a refund policy. This is purely a service-based program and we do not have any refunds applicable.

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